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Benzino Posts Selfies With Family Following Tragic Shooting!



[UPDATE] Gai Scott entered a not-guilty plea this morning in a Plymouth District Court. The 36-year-old, who was facing a charge of armed assault with intent to murder, was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on Wednesday.


Rapper Benzino is in stable condition and doing well after being shot over the weekend.

On Sunday morning, nearly 24 hours after being shot by his 36-year-old nephew, the rapper posted several images on Instagram thanking God for his recovery.

“Feel much better. GOD IS REAL. MY MOTHER TOUCHED ME IM CERTAIN,” he captioned one image of himself with his fiancee by his side.

Benzino 2

Benzino 3

Benzino 4

Benzino 5

On Saturday morning, Benzino was shot on a Massachusetts highway by his nephew, Gai Scott during the reality star’s mother’s funeral procession.

Raymond Scott, the rapper’s legal name, planned on skipping his mother’s funeral to specifically avoid some drama brewing within the family. But the rapper claims that the morning of the services, he ran into the procession while heading to a friends house.

The rapper tells the Boston Herald that he “knew there was going to be problems and tensions” and that it gave him “a bad taste.”

The reality star tells The Herald that he paid his final respects to his late mother, Mary A. “Kinky” Scott on Friday before her wake and that he planned on going back to Atlanta at some point on Saturday.

Following the shooting, Love and HipHop co-star and good friend, Stevie J took to Instagram to share with fans a few images of the 48-year-old in his hospital room.

“#VH1Boyz #ZinoGrigio #Sleazo #GodIsGood,” he captioned one image.

Benzino and Stevie J

Benzino in Bed

Gai Scott is set to be arraigned today in Plymouth District Court to face a charge of armed assault with intent to murder.

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