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Are ’12 Years A Slave’s’ Steve McQueen and John Ridley Beefing?



The rumor mill is buzzing with reports that 12 Years a Slave’s director, Steve McQueen and screen-writer, John Ridley are beefing.

After Sunday night’s 86th Academy Awards, people started to speculate that maybe the two aren’t on the best of terms. Throughout the evening, as the film started racking up awards, Ridley and McQueen both failed to acknowledge each other.

As Penelope Cruz announced Ridley’s name as the winner for Best Adapted Screenplay, you see the excited Milwaukee native kiss his date before making his way to the stage.

But lets rewind … Ridley was filmed completely ignoring McQueen as he walked right past the director. To make matters worse, John failed to thank Steve in his acceptance speech. Ridley also noticeably failed to mention McQueen on Saturday night when he won a Spirit Award for Best Screenplay.

McQueen, who lost the Best Director award to Gravity’s, Alfonso Cuaron, also didn’t mention Ridley’s name when accepting the Oscar for Best Picture.

Check out this Vine video that has gone viral of the British film director barely smiling when Ridley accepted his award. The 44-year-old can be seen clapping his hands with a rather stoic face. According to a tweet posted by Deadline Hollywood founder, Nikki Fink, the two have been fighting over credit for the screenplay.

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