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Rico Love Says He Is A Mix Between Mase And Usher



You definitely know Rico Love from his production of hits like Usher’s “There Goes My Baby”, “Daddy’s Home”, and “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce. While he’s been featured on many tracks before, he’s officially stepped from behind his producers title to make his own music.

The hit maker sat down with HipHollywood recently and opened up about his music and influences.

“If you morph Mase into Usher, I think that would be me as an artist,” the “They Don’t Know” singer stated. “Mase is like a big brother to me and he kind of raised me in the game, Usher as well. These guys really raised me and their sound and even their stage performances, I took from those things and I watched those things, and I helped them and I let them mold me into who I am today.”

While he does have hints of both Usher and Mase in his songs, Rico is using his latest mixtape El Presidente to set the record straight and give fans a full understanding of who he really is.

With “They Don’t Know” people heard me singing and it being such a big record at radio, a lot of people assumed that I was this new RnB crooner. So I wanted El Presidente to be my opportunity to be kind of like, you know, show the different facets and the different sides of who I am as an artist.”

The mixtape El Presidente is currently available online and Rico is set to release a full-length debut album later this year.

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