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Over 70,000 People Want The George Zimmerman Fight Cancelled



When did George Zimmerman become a celebrity?!

When it was announced that Zimmerman would take part in a celebrity boxing match, there was a collective side-eye on social media with many people wondering how the man acquitted of Trayvon Martin’s murder became a “celebrity”. Then, HipHollywood confirmed that DMX signed up to fight the “Stand Your Ground” advocate and the match was set for March.

Now, thousands of people have signed a petition to cancel the fight! A Facebook page titled “Cancel George Zimmerman’s ‘Celebrity’ Boxing match” was created and already has well over 70,000 likes. Also, a petition was created in an effort to stop the battle from happening and it has 14,000 signatures with a goal of 100,000.

The petition asks the Obama administration to “Stop George Zimmerman and Promoter Damon Feldman from using murder & racial hate in America for Profit”.

Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America.
Damon Feldman has been known for fixing fights and taking short cuts in the past in bypassing state requirements for fighters to obtain a license to box.
Mr Feldmans past should be highly considered in this regard if Feldman is not going through the proper channels to ensure the safety of the participants it puts lives at risk.
in addition the entire idea of this event is to use racial tensions to lure people in to purchase the event. this will only hurt America as it will continue to stir up racial tensions that have been on going in this nation for quite some time.
No Promoter or Celebrity Boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit.

HipHollywood has reached out to Damon Feldman…so far, no response.

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