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Olympic Opening Ceremony Hits Major Technical Glitch!



If a city could blush, Sochi would be bright red right now.

As the world’s greatest athletes gathered on Friday for the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony, a major malfunction went down with the display of the five Olympic rings. Five glowing stars shined at the top of the arena, and one by one, the stars began to transform into the rings. Unfortunately, the fifth star didn’t quite make it.

According to reports, there was a glitch with the last star causing it to not mutate. While Russia isn’t the only country to have experienced problems with it’s opening ceremony, it’s just one more thing to add to the list of things gone wrong so far.

Just days before leading up the big games, hotels weren’t finished, toilets weren’t working, manhole covers on walkways weren’t covered and there were complaints that there was no running water … And if the water did run, it was often yellow.

Going into the biggest sporting event in the world, many athletes were fearful of possible terrorist attacks. In fact, many families opted to not attend the games because of it. But according to the Russian Government, they are doing everything they can to keep the games safe. “We can guarantee the safety of the people as well as any other government hosting a mass event (can),” Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitry Kozak said.

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