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Kim Kardashian ‘Black Face’ Scandal, Why The Star Stormed Out Of The Vienna Ball



On Thursday night, Kim Kardashian attended the Vienna Annual Opera Ball with billionaire, David Lugner, but according to reports, the reality TV beauty didn’t exactly have a fairytale evening.

According to TMZ, the 33-year-old stormed out of the ball after being insulted by a man who approached her in ‘black face,’ pretending to be Kanye West. Kim was reportedly taking photos with Austrian businessman, Lugner when the incident happened.

Unfortunately, for the bride-to-be, the ‘black face’ drama was just the start of a seemingly uncomfortable evening. During the night’s soiree, a man asked the mom of 8-month-old North West to dance. When Kim explained she wasn’t a good dancer, the man suggested he would dance with her if the orchestra played “Ni***rs in Vienna.”

Kim, who was reportedly paid 500K by Lugner to be his date, allegedly told her camp that the businessman was extremely inappropriate throughout the evening. According to the star, David was being very aggressive, trying to get her to ditch her security so he can be alone with Kanye’s fiancee.

Ironically, in an interview during the event, Lugner suggested that Kim was not “sticking to the program,” and that she was “annoying” him.

Kim has not directly responded to the incident.

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