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Justin Bieber Egg Throwing Case Sent To The DA’s Office



The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is washing their hands of Justin Bieber’s egg throwing case.

On Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department turned the case over to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in hopes that it presses vandalism charges against the troubled star.

“We did a search warrant and put a lot of work into it. Of course it’s up to them … I want a felony filing … The kid needs to realize he can’t do this,” Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Thompson told E! News. “Certainly we don’t want [the D.A.] to reject it. We believe with the dollar amount and the evidence it deserves a felony filing.”

On January 14, deputies raided Bieber’s Calabasas home to find evidence linking the singer to an egg throwing incident that allegedly took place on January 9. The incident involved a 47-year-old male, a neighbor of the pop star, who complained that the 19-year-old was throwing eggs at his home. Deputies say that the strike allegedly caused an estimated $20,000 in damages.

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