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Exclusive: Why Mo’Nique’s Oscar Isn’t Her Most Important Trophy!



Mo’Nique made history in 2010 when she won the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress”. While most actors work a lifetime just hoping to one day receive an Academy Award, you may be surprised to find out that for Mo’Nique it isn’t her most beloved trophy.

“It wasn’t the Oscar that made me feel like I had made it…it was the Image Award,” the Precious star told HipHollywood. While speaking to Mo’Nique about her return to the big screen in Blackbird, the comedian told us that seeing people that looked like her being honored was a far greater inspiration than the Oscars. “Watching the Oscars as a child I didn’t see people that looked like me win that award. When I watched the Image Awards I saw people that looked like me. So, I would stand in the bathroom mirror with the brush in my hand and the towel wrapped around me as my gown accepting my Image Award.”

You betta preach, Mo’Nique!

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