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Exclusive: Mo’Nique Reveals How She Stayed Motivated During Weight Loss Journey



After nearly five years away from the film industry, Mo’Nique, who won an Academy Award in 2009 for her role in Precious, is back on the big screen as Claire in the heartfelt film, Blackbird. And while critics are raving about the film, others are raving about Mo’Nique’s incredible body transformation.

Over the past year, the 46-year-old went through a long journey to lose weight and to create a healthier lifestyle. In May 2013, the actress had lost up to 82 pounds and today, the actress appears more confident than ever.

While at the premiere of Blackbird, HipHollywood caught up with the star to talk about her weight loss quest and how she stayed motivated.

“The journey has been amazing because it truly lets you know what you’re made of. People always say ‘Mo’Nique, what motivates you?’ And sometimes people say ‘you have to do it for yourself.’ Initially, I couldn’t do it for myself. I had to do it for my husband and my children and I had to get out of my own way.”

She continued, “So I say to those people who are desperately trying to get healthy and those moments when you feel like you can’t go any further, you can. But then I look at my husband and I look at my babies and it gives me that extra push for me to say I want a lifetime with my man and I want to meet my children’s children. That’s what keeps me going.”

Check out what Mo’Nique had to say below:

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