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Exclusive: Michael Robinson, Chris Davis, Jermaine Kearse, React To Michael Sam Coming Out



Super Bowl champions Michael Robinson, Jermaine Kearse and Bobby Wagner shared with HipHollywood over the weekend that they are supportive of Michael Sam coming out.

While on the red carpet for the Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, we caught up with the Seattle Seahawks stars to get their reaction on the news that shook up the sports industry last week.

“I wish the kid luck, I think he’s going to be fine,” Robinson told us. “I think it’s going to depend on how he plays on the field. It’s also going to depend on how he receives everything. First of all, he’s already a rookie, we mess with rookies anyway.”

He continued, “Whatever he does in his personal life, that’s on him. I think the league is ready for it, but the league also has to be ready for people who don’t necessarily agree with it and their opinions and you can’t criticize them for their opinions.”

Michael was a first-team all-American at the University of Missouri and will attend the combine later this month in Indianapolis. The 6 feet 2 inches and 260 pound player could possibly become the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Wide receiver, Jermaine Kearse praised the NFL prospect, saying that it took a lot of courage for him to come out. “I’m glad for him to be happy with himself and to be out there. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next,” he explained.

“What you do off the field is nothing,” Wagner told HH. “It’s all about what you do on the field. I’m focused on solely what he’s doing on the field.”

We also spoke with Auburn Tigers player, Chris Davis, who won the Whoa-Ment Award during the HOG show. The college corner back who is getting ready for the draft, explained that Sam is heroic for deciding to not hide his lifestyle. “He was a brave man to come out and say it to the public. Like what they’ve been saying on TV, if he can play ball, it’s nothing to him being game. The NFL is business, it’s all about winning.”

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