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Elizabeth Hurley: I Didn’t Have Sex With Bill Clinton



Actress Elizabeth Hurley is taking to Twitter to slam a crazy report that she slept with President Bill Clinton during his days in the oval office. The rumors were started thanks to troubled actor Tom Sizemore who gave an insane interview to RadarOnline about the scandal.

The actor, who has a well-documented battle with drug addiction, says he’s the one that set Clinton and Hurley up by giving him her digits during a private screening of Saving Private Ryan at The White House. Sizemore recalled what happened when Mr. Clinton called the actress up right in front of him.

“‘Listen Elizabeth, this is the President! I don’t have any time for this ****. I’m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up,” Clinton allegedly informed Hurley.

Hours later, Sizemore claims, the young lady was at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “Bill turns to me and he goes, ‘I owe you one.’ … She was there for four days. He f****d her that night.” 

If this story sounds like nonsense, it is. The actress wasted no time taking to Twitter to deny the allegations:

“Ludicrously silly stories about me and Bill Clinton. Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn.”

We all know Bill is a playa, playa from the Himalayas, but this is too crazy for even him.

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