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Why A NYC Bar Is Slamming Diddy On Social Media!



A bar in New York is slamming Revolt CEO Sean John Combs for stiffing a waitress after racking up a $200 tab.

During Super Bowl weekend, Diddy and a group of friends dined at The Bar inside Dream Hotel in New York and allegedly failed to tip the staff. The popular bar took to Facebook to slam the music mogul writing:

“Thanks Sean Combs aka P Diddy for leaving no tip on Superbowl Sunday. That’s right!!!! Sean Combs and some of his entourage were seen partying and watching Super Bowl XLVIII at The Bar @Dream Hotel. Insiders say his bill totaled more than $200 and he left $0 Tip. Not a dime. Although his Net worth is in the millions, he felt it necessary to stiff a hard working young girl for $40 bucks. What a gentleman….!!!!”

According to reports, when the servers asked Diddy if everything was okay he said things were great. So why would Diddy not leave a tip? Who knows … Maybe he emptied his pockets purchasing Cassie’s brand new diamond ring. Ok, ok, probably not.

But according to some people, the entire story sounds a little fishy. For starters, it’s odd that Diddy only spent $200 at an expensive bar in four hours. Plus, we can’t ignore the fact that Diddy is almost a billionaire so we are sure leaving a tip on a $200 bill wouldn’t exactly hurt the star.

Diddy has not responded to the allegations.

Sound off: Do you believe that Diddy didn’t leave a tip?


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