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Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Wilson Talk Family Issues, Drug Abuse



Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Wilson got candid about their personal lives at this Grammy weekend’s “BMI: How I Wrote That Song” event at the House of Blues. The artists had a chance to talk with their fans about how their music and how they use life experiences to influence their lyrics.

Wiz, who collaborated with Maroon 5 on the hit song “Pay Phone,” says while the track may be a love song, he’s verse had nothing to do with romance. “I’m married and happy, I don’t really like rapping about past relationships and stuff like that. But I was able to tap into the song because I was going through some things with some family members where it was people who were close to me who I feel like, I wasn’t going to be close to those people anymore. So right when that song came I was right at that point in my life where I was able to put that out there and it connect with everybody.”

Charlie Wilson also revealed how he pulls from personal experiences in his music, and offered some advice to those in attendance. “Just write from your heart … struggle and pain … some good songs come from that.”

Wilson also addressed his past drug abuse. “I’m struggling with so many things now because like, drugs and alcohol was just some beastly sh*t. Straight out. If you stay too long at the party, you going to be the only one there and everyone is gonna be gone.”

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