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The Game Scolds His Daughter For Singing Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”



Beyonce’s song “Drunk In Love” is hands down a hit but The Game does not want his daughter singing it.

In a recent set of Instagram videos, The Game playfully scolds his daughter Cali for singing the song in the back of his car. In the first video Cali belts Beyonce and Jay Z’s verse into the camera.

The video got a lot of attention from fans of The Game and was followed by a video a day later of the Cali just moments after the first video singing, “Surfboard, Surfboard … I’m swervin’ on that, swervin’ on that.” The Game replies, “You ain’t swervin’ on nothin!” and proceeds to tickle her saying, “Talkin about you swervin’ on something, you gon get a whoopin!”

The rapper then posted a picture of Cali in her grandmothers arms with this hilarious caption:

“@littlemisscali got mad at me cause I told her she can’t sing the “surfboard” part on @Beyonce & went to get babied by my momma. #GoodDaddy #Discipline #NOWhoopingsTheKevinHartStareWorksEveryTime #NoBoyfriendZone #JustBoughtMeANewWaterGun #illSquirtYoLittleBoyHeComeNearMyDaughter #GotARealGunTooSoWhenYouLilNiggasOutGrowTheWatergun #SheCantWearNailPolishTilShe41YearsOld #LipGlossEither #SheCantEverSingThatMyLipGlossIsPoppinSong #iShouldWhoopLilMamaForMakinThatSong #Yea #MyNameIsGameButIDontPlayEm #AnyQuestionsBoutNyParenting #Nevermind #SitYoAssDown #ImTheDaddy”


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