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Exclusive: Redfoo on the Future of LMFAO: “We Don’t Know”



In 2012, the dance-pop duo, LMFAO decided to take a break. Redfoo and Sky Blu were adamant that they weren’t breaking up for good and were even quoted saying that this hiatus was not permeant.

So, now that it’s two years later, is the group ready to reunite? “Right now were just solo…we don’t know,” Redfoo told HipHollywood. The uncle-nephew pair were famous for their club hits “Party Rock Anthem”, “Sorry For Party Rocking”, “Shots” and “Sexy And I Know It”, but now it looks money is the main reason we won’t hear more LMFAO hits anytime soon. “We’re always together cuz we’re family, so we’ll see. If it’s more green, then maybe.”

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