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People’s Choice: Jennifer Hudson Accepts Humanitarian Award, Gives Emotional Speech



Jennifer Hudson gave an incredibly moving speech on Wednesday night after accepting the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award.

The Academy Award winner was accompanied by her sister Julia as she received the award, presented by LL Cool J, for her work with the Julian D. King Gift Foundation.

“I have to start off saying the same thing I said when I won my Oscar … Look what God can do,” Hudson said as her sister stood by her side. Julia also wore a heart necklace with her son’s picture in it. “My mother always taught us that without family you have nothing, and whether you know it or not we all are family, and what happens to the other happens to us, so it’s very important to make a difference.”

The Julian D. King Gift Foundation is an organization Hudson and her sister founded in honor of their mother, brother and Julia’s son, Julian King. Hudson’s family members were murdered in Chicago back in 2008 by Julia’s estranged husband, William Balfour.

“We’re all so quick to say we can’t or ‘Oh, it happened to them, but it will never happen to me.’ Yes, I am a witness. It can all happen to us all,” Hudson added. “Its one thing to be a celebrity and have power … But it means nothing if we’re not making a difference with helping someone else and trying to change a life.”

“It feels good to see positivity acknowledged,” the 32-year-old said. “Where we come from all you hear about is who shot who and who went to jail … We want to show them that look, I came from the same area as you and if I can do it, you can do it too. It does not stop there. There’s more to life than the block you live on.”

See the speech below:

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