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KeKe Palmer Slams Fellatio Rumors



KeKe Palmer is livid and the Twitterverse has felt her wrath.

On Friday afternoon, the actress went on a Twitter tirade firing back at followers who accused her of performing fellatio on a random rapper. So how did all this happen? It began with an innocent photo taken with the rapper, GBE TadoeDaSavage.

Just a week ago, the rapper posted an image on Instagram of himself posing with the actress, writing on the social media website: “In da crib koolin wit my lil homie @kekepalmer.”

KeKe Palmer Tirade

People saw the photo and connected the actress to a rather disturbing and distasteful video posted 178 days ago on the rapper’s Vine account.

In the video, you can see an unidentifiable woman with black hair and wearing a black hoodie performing oral sex on the rapper. So basically because the woman had black hair and wore a black hoodie, people are alleging that it’s KeKe Palmer.

Not one to let the Internet bully her, Palmer took to Twitter to slam the haters:

“This is the perfect bullying example.. I have black hair, so now I’m a girl in a random video with black hair?”

“Now I’m the subject to be attacked because I’m known and successful? You people can be so simple.”

“I am a victim because I took a picture with a fan? Should I just not take pictures with fans that have less than positive connotations?”

“You can spread lies but know who you spreading lies about.”

“People don’t deserve that, I’m living my life like you, but it’s okay to swarm my mentions with distasteful comments.”

“A million females in the world with black hair, but it’s Keke Palmer. Talk about REACHING. The weave is not even real hair #stopit.”

The 20-year-old, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story star then concluded her Twitter rant by writing: “Always laugh it off. Enjoy your Friday everyone!!”

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