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Kanye’s Lawyers Are Going After The New Digital Currency “Coinye West”



Last week, a anonymous group of coders released a new digital currency called “Coinye West” but rapper Kanye West is not too happy about it.

According to reports, Kanye West and his legal team have filed cease-and-desist documents against Coinye West’s makers. The makers however, don’t seem to care and are attempting to find ways to maneuver around the law. After hearing about possible legal action, they pushed the date for the currency’s release up and have moved their company’s registration to India where it will be harder for Kanye’s lawyers to take them to court.

In a Skype interview with one of the reporters one of the coders of Kanye West expressed his urge to release this to the public “before the man can try to crush it.” We at HipHollywood think that Kanye might be more enraged about that these coders have dubbed him “the man” than the fact that they are using his name.

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