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Exclusive: Why Lavell Crawford Was Upset With ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale



Breaking Bad was one of the most talked about dramas on television this year, and to no surprise, the show even garnered multiple SAG and Golden Globe nominations.

“I know we are going to pull it,” Breaking Bad star Lavell Crawford told HipHollywood about the crew’s SAG nod. “I mean it’s a great show and I’m just honored to be nominated. I couldn’t believe it when I found out about it. It had to be though, the show is epic. Everybody talks about it, they blog about it, I mean come on.”

While the hit AMC series is an incredibly thrilling ride, it was the series’ finale that left fans speechless. The final episode,which aired back in September, is still be discussed amongst the BB fanatics.

So while at the casting of the Screen Actors Guild Awards statuettes, HipHollywood had to get Crawford’s reaction to the shocking finale. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!) “I hated that they made me into a snitch,” the comedian said. “Everybody was mad at me on Twitter and Facebook, ‘Hey you snitched on Walter White.’ I was like ‘I’ll snitch on anybody, I ain’t going to jail for my mama or nobody,'” he explained.

Check out what he had to say below:

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