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Exclusive: Kelly Price Not Bothered By SWV’s Comments: “I love them, I Appreciate Them”



Kelly Price isn’t bothered at all about some of the recent negatively perceived comments SWV made about the singers persona on R&B Divas.

“I don’t have a reaction to it,” Price told HipHollywood while on the red carpet for the Essence Women in Music event. “Because I am very very clear that sometimes things can be misinterpreted or if they’re even placed in the wrong place that they can be received the wrong way and because I’m a victim of that, I refuse to jump fool and believe anything other than what I have always known of the ladies.”

Price continued, “I love them, I appreciate them, I was fans of theirs before I was an artist. It was inspirational for me to even see, particularly with Coko because she was a church kid that came out of strict church home too, to see that she can make that transition and still be respectable and noted so I have no reaction … Get your check girl.”

During a recent interview to discuss their new reality TV show, SWV Reunited, the ladies explained that they aren’t worried about the exposure on television ruining their reputation.

“We were aware that the cameras were there and they were filming everything. You gotta be smart when you’re taping reality TV. You can’t just act any kinda crazy way. You gotta think smart,” Coko said. “I don’t think we’re acting like Kelly Price [of ‘R&B Divas: LA].”

Taj added, “It was such a drastic change from the person you know and see singing from the person who was on camera. We’re not that different. I don’t think that their perception of us will be much different from what it is now.”

As for Kelly, she will not be returning to next season of R&B Divas, but tells us she is still open to doing other shows.

SWV Reunited airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m on WE.

Check out the clip below:

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