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Evander Holyfield Thinks Gays Can Be “Fixed”



Evander Holyfield thinks gays can be “fixed” and is getting in trouble for it.

The new season of UK Celebrity Big Brother aired Sunday night and the first episode included a clip of boxer Evander Holyfield speaking about homosexuality in a way that many people disagreed with. In the video, Holyfield and reality star Luisa Zissman are handcuffed together and she asks him about gay boxers.

Evander breaks out into a whispered explanation of why being gay is wrong, forgetting that the cameras are there and states that gays can be fixed. As he is talking Zissman attempts to get him to stop, aware that the cameras were watching them but he does not stop.

“You know how handicap people are born? You can’t say cause they were born that way, [that] you can’t move that.”

He did not get away with it however, the producers stepped in during Holyfield’s dairy session and gave him a pretty stern talking to.

Watch the full video below:

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