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Eddie Murphy Fires Back At Comedian Claiming To Be His Son: ‘I Am Not Your Father’



Eddie Murphy is firing back at a comedian who is claiming to be the fruit of Murphy’s loins.

According to reports, Brando Murphy has been publicly advertising that the The Nutty Professor star is his father. Per TMZ, Eddie’s lawyer has been sending letters to Brando, threatening to sue him if he doesn’t back down.

According to some of the documents, obtained by the news outlet, Brando has allegedly changed his last name to Murphy and even shows up at local coffee shops that the actor goes to and screams, “My father won’t talk to me.”

But according to Brando, none of this true. In threatening letters fired back at the Coming to America actor, Brando suggests that he has never “presented” himself as the actor’s son, calling his allegations “vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome.”

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