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Did Floyd Mayweather Bet $10 Million On The Broncos Winning The Super Bowl?



There’s a rumor going around this morning that boxing great Floyd Mayweather bet a whopping $10 million on the Denver Broncos winning Sunday’s Super Bowl. The rumor started after Vegas Gambling Steam tweeted about the massive wager:

“Floyd Mayweather L48hours bet $10.4 million on Broncos -2 (Action with 7 different shops + 4 offshore accts) 8Million in credit.”

The rumors initially seemed believable because of Floyd’s history of placing major bets on sporting events. Fortunately, our friends over at TerezOwens confirmed the tweet is bogus. “We have confirmation direct from the Money Team that he hasn’t even bet on the game yet,” the website reports.

That’s not to say Floyd won’t make a massive wager before Sunday, he just hasn’t as of yet.

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