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Christina Milian Admits To Letting Her Body Go In The Winter!



Well this is news … Christina Milian, who is known for her amazing body, shared with Bethenny Frankel that she lets it all go during the Winter season.

The singer and fashion guru stopped by bethenny on Friday and talked about a plethora of things, including her body image. “When I feel fit, I feel good,” Milian said. “I feel more confident when I’m eating right and I’m living the right type of life that I want to, I feel amazing.”

“But then I like to have fun too. When the Winter time comes around … I call it my hibernation mode and that’s when I eat lots of food, and I sleep, and I let those wings on the back my arms that I’ve been blessed in my DNA to have … Those little flaps … those grow back. And then by January I have to work those things off,” the mom of 3-year-old daughter Violet explained.

“Last Winter I did 15 pounds,” Milian admitted. So when it comes to getting back in shape? “It’s not extreme,” she said. “When I decide that I’m ready to be fit and I make the choice to start working out, I just do things like cut out carbs. A lot of red meats, I cut down on that and drink a lot of water.”

Milian, who got engaged to Jas Prince in Summer 2013, also revealed what kind of wedding she is looking to have. “He has a really big family, so I think it’s going to be big,” she said. “I want it to be fun, but want to have people around us that love us and understand us.”

Christina Milian and her boyfriend Jazz leave after attending Lil Twist's 21st  Birthday party in Los Angeles

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