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Boyz II Men Sing A Song About Slapping Neil Patrick Harris



Boys II Men made a cameo appearance on How I Met Your Mother Monday night and the song they sang about slapping people in the face has a very great chance of going viral today.

How I Met Your Mother, which is currently in its final season, has a long running joke in which Barney played by Neil Patrick Harris has lost a bet to Marshall played by Jason Segal over whether or not Robin (Cobie Smulders) was a Canadian porn star in a past life. The winner of the bet gets to slap the other as hard as they can and while they have done a couple sequels including one called “Slapsgiving”, they decided to end this one with a bang. What better way to intro the last slap of the series than with a musical cameo by Boys II Men.

Watch Boys II Men sing “The Slap Song” below:

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