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Azealia Banks Begs Universal To Drop Her



Azealia Banks is on another Twitter tirade and this time it’s not targeting Pharrell, Perez Hilton or Iggy Azelia, but rather her own label.

On Sunday, the 22-year-old rapper took to Twitter and begged for Universal to drop her. This is what she said:

I REALLY should have signed with Sony. Can someone at Sony buy me off of Universal please?? i’m really in hell here. Please Help : Serious Inquiry. I would literally give anything to be on XL right now. I’m tired of having to consult a group of old white guys about my black girl craft. they don’t even know what they’re listening for or to. I’m literally begging to be dropped from Universal. Universal needs to just hand me over to another label who knows what to do with me. My fans really need some new music. I’ve been gratefully riding off of mixtape fumes for the past two years but I’m more ready than ever…..

Universal signed Azealia about two years ago shortly after the success of her song “212”. Her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste has yet to come out and has been pushed back multiple times by the label giving the young rapper due cause to be upset.

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