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Alicia Keys Reveals Her “Power”



Alicia Keys dropped an unreleased track on Monday called “Power.” The tune may just be making its way to fans’ ears, but it was recorded seven years ago back in 2007.

“This is one of my favorite unreleased songs,” the pianist wrote on her website about the tune. “I wrote this song one afternoon in LA when I was feeling deep desolation; desperation even … I’d just lost my grandmother and I felt so guilty about it, so hurt and full of emptiness. I’d run away to LA to clear my head and to not have to be in NY with all my memories.”

On the track, Keys sings:

“Grandma, used to say nothing before its time. Used to say that world would be mine so I should just have faith. She showed me everything in this life is for free. Change is one thing that is guaranteed, so I should just keep pace.”

Take a listen to “Power” below.

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