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Miguel Speaks On Producing His Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi’s First Album



Miguel is mixing business with pleasure and according to him, it is working.

HipHollywood caught up with the 28-year-old singer/producer at this year’s Grammy Nominations Concert and asked about the news that he is producing an upcoming album for his girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi.

Miguel’s longtime girlfriend has worked both successfully on television and in modeling and made a big splash into fame in October when GQ India featured her; giving her the title of “GQ Babe.”

When asked about the difficulty of producing an album for somebody he is in a romantic relationship with, this is what Miguel had to say:

“You know the honest truth is, this experience has been in that sense, one of the most liberating and the most fun because we already feel akin so we have an understanding and that whole rhythm came a lot more naturally than even what I could have expected.”

“You fight so hard to get in with artists and to sit with them and try to get in their head and when you feel like you finally find some connection and you get on a rhythm, thats when the music really comes and the songs kinda write themselves,” he continued.

While the name and release date of the album have not yet gone public this will definitely be an interesting project. Nazanin was once a top-35 contender on American Idol and the internet is full of videos of her singing.


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