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Kim Kardashian Dines & Dashes…But Comes Back



This isn’t your typical “dine and dash”!

Kanye West and his baby mama, Kim Kardashian were in Yeezy’s hometown of Chicago for his Yeezus tour. While in the Windy City, the couple had to grab some of the famous deep dish pizza.

West took Kimmy to the famed Giordano’s and according to People “they ordered a small “Giordano’s Stuffed Special” (sausage, mushroom, peppers and onions) with a Greek salad and told the host they would do some holiday shopping and be back in 45 minutes to enjoy the signature pie.” When the duo returned they ate and offered to take some pics. Unfortunately, Kim bailed to take a call and left Kanye solo dolo to appease the fans. The couple then dashed out!

But before they got too far, KK realized how slighting her fans would look and she returned to take some pictures as promised. And in an effort to return the holiday spirit, “Giordano’s offered to keep the new parents stocked up on Chicago-style pizza until their next visit back to the Windy City.”

Spotted @ People

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