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Erica Mena Denies Having Rihanna As A Lesbian Lover



Did reality TV star Erica Mena get it popping off inside an SUV with pop star, Rihanna. That’s the rumor going around online this week after a gossip blog claimed that the two were locking lips inside of a hoopty back in the day.

“Before Love And Hip Hop’s Erica Mena dated that SKRIPPER Cyn, she dated, Rihanna! … Here’s what we know. Erica told a close female friend that she and Rihanna had an ‘intimate encounter’ in the back of Rihanna’s SUV.’ A source adds, “Erica says that she and Rihanna were making out and that Rihanna pulled down [Erica’s] panties,” and the rest is history.

Mena didn’t let that rumor live long before taking to Twitter to deny it and slam the gossip website and others who picked up the story.

“All you sad miserable bloggers truly are the biggest joke ever!! To keep today’s fools entertained,” she tweeted.

Sorry, fellas. Keep dreaming.

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