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Drake To Build Recording Studio In Troubled Philadelphia High School



Drake has offered to help a troubled school in Philadelphia after being moved by an ABC Special that he saw about it.

The 27-year-old rapper saw Diane Sawyer’s story on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Strawberry Mansion High School and decided to help out by buying the school its own recording studio.

“I caught this piece that Diane did and I was like by the end of it I was so heavily affected that at the end I started questioning like major aspects of my life. It just really changed a lot about me,” Drake said in an interview with ABC News.

Strawberry Mansion High School is one of the most dangerous schools in the United States with 96% of the student body living under the poverty line. For the past five years, the school has reported more than 10 violent incidents per 100 students every year.

Drake visited the school with cameras to announce his gift to the students. “In the next few months, I’m building a recording studio inside your school,” Drake told the crowd of high schoolers. “This about you. This about your principal. This about your future. I love you. I care about you. I want to see you succeed.”

Here is the Diane Sawyer story on the school:

Here is Drake’s response:

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