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Yawn … Fabolous Responds To Kendrick Lamar



Remember when Kendrick Lamar dropped a verse on “Control,” and tucked a sensitive rapper back into his pajama clothes? That happened back in August, and one of the first people to respond on Twitter was Fabolous. The Brooklyn rapper claimed he was immediately heading to the studio to issue a response to Kendrick calling himself the “King of New York.”

Well, Fab’s record never came, but the rapper is finally getting around to responding; it’s just too bad it was during a boring rant at Powerhouse, and not on wax.

“So that thing about Kendrick saying he king … don’t ask me how I took it, n*gga. The real n*ggas know all the kings came from Brooklyn,” Fab told the crowd on Saturday night. And he has a point, Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G. are both kings of hip-hop, but we can’t think of a time in history that Fab has ever been one. In fact, it was Kendrick playing a sold-out show in Brooklyn this September, not Fabolous. And it was Kendrick and TDE as the top bill on Saturday night … at Powerhouse … in Brooklyn … where Fab was the opening act.

Still, we guess it’s better to respond three months later than never.

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