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Trinidad James, Maino Exchange Twitter Jabs Over NY Diss



Rapper Trinidad James is under fire after dissing New York’s rap scene and their fans while performing in New York on Tuesday night.

“I remember when New York rap ran this sh*t. When Dipset was turnt the f*ck up … Now, we run y’all,” James told a silent crowd during mid-concert rant. “Now every n*gga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, he might as well tell you he’s from Atlanta … it’s just what happened. Ya’ll got more popular interviewers and bloggers out here than rappers.”

The sentiment is similar to Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar who claimed the song “Control” to be the King of the Big Apple. Kendrick’s lyrics didn’t sit well with Maino, and neither did Trinidad’s. The NY rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to let his feelings on the Southern rapper’s thoughts be heard:

“Heyy buddy @trinidadjamesGG I’ll be your Huckleberry! Lol imma brush those teeth when I see you baby boy. You a street n*gga, right? LMAO,” he tweeted, adding, “After we clean this guy @trinidadjamesGG up, I’m straighten a few of you NY n*ggas out for being the vaginas that you are!”

James didn’t shy away from the controversy, responding on Twitter himself.

“Maino wanna shoot me for saying the truth then shoot on. I ain’t backtracking sh*t. NY consumers are a disgrace to their own culture. I don’t ever have to make it on the radio ever. F*ck the radio. I’ll die a real n*gga. I speak the truth … and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.”

Who are you siding with here? Has NY’s rap scene fallen off? Sound off in the comment section below.

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