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‘Treme’ Star Rob Brown Sues Macy’s, NYPD For Racial Profiling



Treme star Robert Brown has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Macy’s and NYPD for racial profiling.

In the 42-page lawsuit, the HBO actor claims he was “unlawfully” detained at the flagship Herald Square store in NY after purchasing a $1,300 Movado watch for his mom last June. The 29-year-old alleges that after buying his mother’s graduation present, he was stopped by three men in the middle of the store and was “publicly and falsely” accused of credit card fraud.

According to the suit, Brown was then handcuffed and “paraded” around the store “like an already convicted common criminal.” The men, believed to be NYPD officers, took him into a back room where he was held and scolded for nearly an hour. Once police found out who Brown was, the star was released.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday in New York redresses the suit the actor filed last month against Macy’s and NYPD.

In the new class-action filing, Brown alleges that the cops “shop and frisk” approach unfairly targets minority shoppers. “This suit seeks to bring a halt to this disgusting, discriminatory pattern and practice,” the document states.

A rep for Macy’s said on Wednesday that they cannot comment on the pending lawsuit, but says that the chain does not “tolerate discrimination of any kind, including racial profiling.”

The class-action filings need to be approved by a judge.







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