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Pusha T Reacts To Kanye West’s Rants: It’s Interesting



Kanye West’s rants can be defined as random yet entertaining and Pusha T seems to feel the same way.

Pusha stopped by Chelsea Lately on Thursday night and opened up about a number of topics, including being on tour with Kanye. “It’s really interesting,” the rapper revealed. “He talks a lot. He rants and raves,” the 36-year-old added about Kanye’s rants.

“Is he like that in person, too? When you’re talking to him, he just goes on and on,” the comedian asked. And of course Pusha couldn’t deny … “100%,” he said.

You might remember back in September, a video surfaced of Kanye going off during Pusha’s listeing party in Brooklyn. West managed to grab the microphone and rant about what he dislikes about large corporations and sellouts.

“I don’t give a f*ck about none of these corporations … This is the f*ck we make. We make good music … We don’t give a f*ck about how much God da*n money you make, we make good music,” the rapper yelled.

Pusha performs during Kanye’s Yeezus tour sometimes when Kendrick Lamar is not available.

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