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Nelly Addresses Drake’s Haters: Let Him Do Him



People may joke about Drake singing in his music but Nelly has the Canadian rapper’s back.

During a recent interview with, Nelly was asked to give his opinion on Drake switching between singing and rapping on his songs. “As an artist, you can’t have a stigma put on yourself as far as what you can do and what you can’t do,” Nelly shared. “You just try to be the best artist that you can be.”

“We’re in a time right now where being an artist doesn’t limit you to rapping. It just doesn’t limit you to singing. It limits you to create. All your job is, is to create good music. He’s creating good music,” the St. Louis emcee continued. “Fans that don’t like to hear Drake sing … switch to the next song where he’s rapping.”

Nelly was then asked if he likes Drake more as an rapper or a singer, to which he replied, “I just like Drake”.

“It’s not about whether I like him singing or rapping. He’s Drake. I hate when people do that. It’s almost like segregation or something. Can’t the dude just be him? Let’s just be a person. Let’s not limit. Just be an artist.”

Well Drake, it looks like you have one more “new friend” who happens to be the mayor of Nellyville, so keep the hits coming.

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