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Lupe Gets Hit With A Tomato During Performance, Calls The Assailant A ‘Fat, White B***h”



Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco ended the Salt Lake City stop on his “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour,” about an hour into the show after being hit by a tomato thrown from the audience.

During his performance of “Kick Push”, a tomato was thrown from the balcony section of The Depot where he was performing causing Lupe to stop the show and confront the attacker.

“I know what she looks like – fat, white b***h. Find her,” Lupe said over the microphone to the security who were attempting to find the assailant.

“If there’s more people like that out there, I need them the f-ck out of here,” Fiasco said to the crowd, stopping the show with a request that the whole balcony be cleared out. The fans on the balcony reacted by screaming that they were not going to leave. Realizing that there were people still on the balcony, Lupe walked off stage and ended the show.

Lupe responded to fans on Twitter who were offended by his choice of words when describing the assailant:

“@LupeFiasco: Disclaimer this rhymer Lupe is not using Bitch as lesson I didn’t say stop using bitch. I gave you options. Tonight’s choice is BITCH.”

“@LupeFiasco: I call her ‘fat white bitch’ cuz she was a fat white bitch…once you throw things you become a bitch…who just happens to be fat & white”

Watch the full video below (Lupe gets hit at the 1:12 in the video):

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