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Heated: Solange, Producer Dev Hynes Come For Each Other On Twitter



Eccentric singer Solange and her producer Dev Hynes have been trading jabs online over the amount of creative credit she received for her True EP. The genesis of the feud can be traced back to April when Solange tweeted this message out:

“I find it very disappointing when I am presented as the ‘face’ of my music, or a ‘vocal muse’ when I write or co-write every f*cking song.”

Solange’s contributions or lack thereof to her EP were brought up again in a recent interview with Hynes for Fader. The following is an excerpt from that article regarding Solange’s spring 2013 tweet:

“Hynes says he wrote a good portion of the album entirely himself, especially the songs ‘Losing You’ and ‘Bad Girls,’ which he wrote and recorded versions of before he even knew Solange, with Solange adding mostly structural and vocal changes throughout.”

On Monday morning, Hynes took these things a bit further, slamming Solange on Twitter and accusing her of dissing him.

“If you want to take shots at me, text me, call me, talk to me, but don’t ever drop a subliminal, talk behind my back or send a flunky. I have beef with no one. I won’t even mention your name ever again. Any of you. I’ve said my bit. I’ve reached out. I’ve praised you. But now it’s done. It’s over. We’re done. Bye.”

It didn’t take Solange long to respond. The singer, just back in the United States from touring in South America, also took to Twitter to tell her side of the story:

“I have only ever praised you and spoken about you positively, even when our perspectives were totally different. I still support your artistry and am extremely happy for your success. I just wished you were honest about the making of my album. That’s all I’m going to say on this. You know more than anyone n*ggas love drama.”

The two have since deleted their tweets, but we think it’s safe to say it will be a long time before they’re in the studio making music again.

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