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Exclusive: Tyrese Talks About Forgiveness & His Ex-Wife Norma



If you follow Tyrese on his various social media accounts then you know he has an opinion on EVERYTHING and can be pretty deep at times. Such was the case when we sat down with him about his role in Black Nativity.

The film, which is based on Langston Hughes’ beloved stage play, has a great message about family and forgiveness, and Tyrese told us it definitely hit close to home, and even helped prompted a conversation between he and his motherhood about his childhood.

“It was an uncomfortable conversation,” admitted Tyrese. “But we had to have it because if you don’t speak on it and allow the adjustments to be made afterwards, then you are just feeling a certain kind of way and never speaking on it and expecting it to be different.”

So are things different now between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma? When we followed up and asked if he has now forgiven her for dragging him into court and calling him a bad father, he smiled and said: “I’m working on it.”

Ummm … yeah … we know what that means. But then again, can you blame him?

Black Nativity is in theaters Thanksgiving Day.

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