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What You Don’t Know About Gabrielle Union!



The lovely and talented Gabrielle Union took part in a Google chat for Essence magazine on Wednesday afternoon and revealed several things fans may not know. For those who were unable to join the star’s chat, Union was kind enough to do an extra Q&A on Twitter for all her supporters.

When it comes to food, we learned that Gabrielle prefers cheddar bay biscuits over hot buttered biscuits and gravy. The star also revealed that Cajun Ribeye is her favorite dish of all time. And we can’t forget about the guilty pleasures; Union says Taco bell, In n Out Burger, Twizzlers, Rolos, Cheetos, and Garretts are easily her favorite junk food items.

Union, who recently starred in BET’s Being Mary Jane, revealed during her impromptu Twitter Q&A that her role as Mary Jane was her most challenging and most rewarding role to date. The 41-year-old also admitted that her favorite genre of movies to shoot are comedies.

As for who the actress looks up to the most in the industry, Viola Davis. “Viola Davis is pretty damn genius. She sucks you into every character she plays,” she wrote on the social media network.

Gabrielle, who is dating Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, told her fans that the main lessons her parents taught her were to “always have your own sh$t and wash behind your ears.” The 41-year-old, who spends a lot of her time in Miami, revealed that she will be spending Thanksgiving at Wade’s teammates house. “The Boshes house … See I just invited myself,” the actress wrote.

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