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Diva Patti LaBelle Talks Beef With Diana Ross, Scrubbing Her Own Floor … And Tina Turner



AMAZING. There is no other word to describe Oprah’s Sunday night sit-down with living legend, Patti LaBelle. Even at 69, Patti remains the epitome of a diva, and yet stills come across as charming and down-to-earth as your grandma during Thanksgiving dinner.

During her chat with O, LaBelle revealed that she’s not a fan of cell phones, and hates when people ask her to talk to friends or relatives on their mobile devices. “I don’t do the phone. I don’t want no germs, baby … I’m not speaking on your instrument,” the feisty singer noted.

The legend also revealed that she spends her free time walking her shih tau, lounging in her pool and scrubbing her floors because she hates a dirty house. LaBelle also touched on the possibility of remarrying, much like another living legend, Tina Turner … and her beef with Diana Ross.