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5 Reasons Lupe Fiasco Shouldn’t Be Hit With Tomatoes



Aside from the obvious reason — no one deserves a tomato to the face — there are many reason why Lupe Fiasco didn’t deserve to be hit with a tomato while on stage in Salt Lake City for his Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour.

HipHollywood got a chance to see Lupe when he performed at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, so we know firsthand that the rapper puts on a stellar show. Here are five reasons why you won’t need to pack fruit for Lupe’s next tour stop.

1) Lupe performs as if he’s in a stadium! Although he’s playing at some pretty intimate venues, Lupe’s gives 1000% from the time he hits the stage, until the last song ends.

2) You get to hear some of his amazing new music from his upcoming album, Tetsuo and Youth. While in LA, Fiasco performed a new song titled “Crack”. The track features Chris Brown and we’re sure it will be a hit.

3) Even Lupe’s opening acts are dope. During his L.A. stop rappers Dee-1 and Stalley opened for him. Even though the crowd was anxiously waiting for Lupe, they were able to captivate the audience with their great music and stage presence.

4) Lupe’s fans are dedicated. Let’s be honest, if the crowd is turned down, then the show will most likely be subpar as well. But the Fiasco fans go HARD! They know every lyric, to every song and hang on his every word. Being in a good crowd definitely makes the experience that much better.

5) Lupe has hit, after hit, after hit! You almost forget how many dope songs Lupe has, but he reminds you during his show. He performs ALL of his hot songs including “Kick, Push”, “The Show Goes On”, “Paris, Tokyo”, “Out Of My Head”, “Superstar”, “Daydreamin'” and even does his verse on Kanye’s “Touch The Sky”.

If you haven’t seen Lupe live, then the Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour is definitely worth your time! Click here for a list of his upcoming shows.

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