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You’ll Never Guess Who Motivated A Young 50 Cent



We all know 50 Cent loves the ladies, but you’ll never guess which celebrity he says had an impact on him at a young age.

While talking to Page Six about the show “Dream School,” the rapper revealed that his third-grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was his most meaningful teacher growing up, but not because of her teaching. “I had a crush on her. She looked like Phylicia Rashad,” he said. “Then I fell in love with Phylicia Rashad and watched ‘The Cosby Show.’”

Leave it to 50 to be motivated by an attractive, successful woman. However that’s sort of exactly what he hopes will happen on Sundance Channel’s “Dream School,” the reality show he executive produced.

Although the show isn’t centered only around woman, it does pair successful celebrities and mentors, including Swizz Beatz, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, with high school dropouts in hope to “reignite their passions” so they can graduate.

If actress Phylicia Rashad could push a young distracted 50 Cent to try harder in school, we’re hopeful these other celebrities will find success in impacting their students lives. “Dream School” is set to air on Oct. 7th.

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