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Tyler The Creator Tries To Calm Down Angry Fans In East L.A.



Tyler The Creator pulled out all the stops this weekend to calm fans down after his show was canceled in East Los Angeles.

Tyler was scheduled to perform at the venue Low End Theory, alongside Flying Lotus when the L.A.P.D. shut down the show before it even started due to overcapacity. The large crowd outside began getting unruly and when riot police arrived, Tyler decided to get involved himself.

Jumping on top of a police car he tried to explain for the crowd to calm down, and then went a step further, getting on the L.A.P.D’s loudspeaker to settle things.

“Yo everybody chill chill, listen listen listen, I’m sorry all of you guys couldnt get in, Ima figure this out but you already know how Los Angeles cops are, they’re “*ssholes to people… You know how they are, so if you guys cooperate no one will get hurt, no one will get arrested, I just need everyone to disperse from this area because they’re already pissed off…” he said to fans.

Shortly after the crowd did die down and no arrests were made.

Watch the clip below.

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