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Things We Learned From Watching Kanye’s Proposal Video



There’s now cell phone video of Kanye’s epic proposal to Kim Kardashian, and despite the video being shaky, there’s a few things we learned about Mr. West from watching the three-minute clip.

1. Kanye West Is A Traditional Romantic
Say what you want about Kanye’s ginormous ego and flashy rapper bravado, but this guy is a romantic’s romantic. Not only did he rent out a freaking baseball stadium to pop the question, he had a damn orchestra playing his girl’s favorite song during the event. We’ll admit that “Young & Beautiful” without Lana Del Rey’s vocals just isn’t the same, but what does it matter when the “biggest rock star” on the planet is getting down on one knee and asking the biggest reality TV star on the planet for her hand in marriage?

2. Kanye West Really Likes His Own Music
While Kanye could have elected to have some 2 Chainz or John Legend blaring through the speakers after proposing, the rapper decided to play his own hit song, “All of the Lights,” which really seemed a bit out of place. But it is a Kanye West song, and we’re guessing, Kanye really likes Kanye, so it makes sense only because it’s Kanye.

3. Jaden Smith Is Very Emotional
We all know how Jaden gets when he watches Drake, but if you check out the footage of him running around after the proposal and rapping along to “All of the Lights,” you’d think he wrote the song. The only thing more bizarre is the look Kris Jenner gives the kid rumored to be dating her daughter.

4. Kanye West Does Not Have Many Celebrity Friends
We don’t know that this is true … we’re sure Pusha T and Ye have espressos at Urth Cafe weekly, but where were Kanye’s celebrity friends? There’s plenty of Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jonathan Cheben and usual Kardashian suspects around at the proposal … but there’s no team Kanye folks. Was Mr. Hudson too busy? We’re just saying.

Anyway, check out the video below and let us know what you learned about Mr. West from watching it.

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