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Exclusive: Pharrell Williams Admits ‘Blurred Lines’ Was Inspired By Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got to Give It Up’



Robin Thicke just can’t catch a break when it comes to his hit, “Blurred Lines.”

Two of Marvin Gaye’s children have filed a countersuit against Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I, accusing them of copyright infringement and alleging that the song plagiarized Gaye’s classic hit, “Got To Give It Up.”

According to the suit, Frankie and Nona Gaye claim that the trio are guilty of “blatant copying of a constellation of distinctive and significant compositional elements of Marvin Gaye’s classic No. 1 song.”

HipHollywood recently caught up with Pharrell Williams to talk about his film Despicable Me 2, and that’s when the producer revealed that they did not sample Gaye’s song, but that they were definitely inspired by the classic.

“No sample,” he told HipHollywood. “What I tried to do was I tried to take the feeling that “Got To Give It Up” gave me. But I also tried to blend in Southern White Baptist harmonies on the chorus, and then sex is always a good element to inject in anything,” he said.

According to the suit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Gaye’s family also accuses Thicke of wrongfully using Gaye’s song “After the Dance” in his track, “Love After War,” claiming that the song has “a similar chorus, hook melody and more with Gaye’s “After the Dance.”

The family is also alleging that Gaye’s music publisher EMI did not protect their father’s music, claiming that the company should have pursued a copyright infringement claim.

You might remember back in August, Thicke, Williams, and T.I filed a suit suggesting that “Blurred Lines” was different than Marvin’s hit. The boys asked a judge to rule that they did not jack “Got to Give It Up” for their controversial hit.

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