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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Butt And Side Boob In Instagram Photo



Heeellloooo Kim Kardashian. The reality TV beauty whipped her body into shape after giving birth to her first child and she clearly wants the world to know how d*mn good she looks.

On Wednesday night, Kim posted a photo on Instagram of herself posing in a white bathing suit. “#NoFilter,” the star wrote on the social media website.

In the photo, the new mom takes a full body snapshot, showing off all of her ASSets. The 33-year-old exposes a little side boob and made sure to show off her curvacious behind.

And it’s clear what Kanye thought about the photo. “Heading home now,” Kim’s boyfriend and baby daddy wrote on Twitter in response to her selfie.

Kim K Butt Image

Kim’s photo garnered over 518,000 likes and received thousands of comments from her fans. “Go Kim … U super bad,” one fan wrote. “She’s back. @kimkardashian looking good mami,” another fan wrote.

But not all of Kim’s fans approved of the photo. “Why are you doing this Kim, it’s disappointing. I thought you were classier,” a woman commented. “Don’t you have a boyfriend? I suggest u should be faithful and not post that,” another fan wrote.

Sound off: What do you think of Kim’s image? Trashy or classy?


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