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Kanye wants Miley to keep Twerking



Kanye West recently did an interview with Los Angeles radio station 97.1 FM. During the chat, the rapper discussed his feelings about society, pop culture and himself as a creative person.

Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the interview:

  • “I only listen to people who are younger than me, these are the only people with ideas. You cannot give me any advice. You can help me, you can support Donda, you can cut a check, you can help me build some infrastructure–but I have the ideas. No one older than me has a better idea than me because I am the only 36 year old me!”
  • “I’m the most relevant voice on the planet earth at age 36, post being the most hated. So don’t try to tell me anything! Help me! Help me, help other people.”

When asked if he would consider Watch the Throne 2 he said that it would be a possibility but that music is no longer his primary focus.

  • “Music is not my focus, my focus is getting the proper type of deal backing from a major company whether it is Nike, Adidas whatever…to back Yeezy.”

Then he addressed his “rants” saying that they were not rants but rather “inspirational, visionary breaks in pop culture.”

  • “Every time I talk it is a crack in the matrix.”

The interviewer closed the interview by asking ‘Ye about his relationship with Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMAs. This is what Kanye had to say.

  • “Creatively from a Donda perspective, I would just want her to twerk more.”
  • “I just think that her entire performance should have just been her twerking.”

Here is the full interview.

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