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K. Michelle Fires Shots At Struggling Tamar Braxton



We guess there’s no love lost between rivals K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton. Braxton has been struggling with her vocal delivery as of late, forcing her to cancel a several performances this month. Just days ago, Tamar tweeted about her battle to find her voice, writing:

“I waited my WHOLE life for this moment and I have NEVER had this many voice issues. It’s embarrassing and hurtful but I’ve come too far to give up now. Say whatever you like. Talk about how bad you think things are and how I should change this or that. But, I’m no where near where I was a year ago,” she shared.

“I don’t have time to talk you into liking me or understanding me. Cause no matter what you will always find fault when your not perfect yourselves, and honestly, the ones talking the most wouldn’t last one minute in my shoes! Thanks to the REAL #tamartianfriends for understanding me when I didn’t,” the singer continued.

Shortly after Tamar’s social network confessional, K.Michelle chimed in, tweeting:

“When people wrong you, sometimes the best thing to do is sit back and let God fight that battle. No one is above Karma. Be humble.”

Being humble probably means not kicking your frenemies when they’re down, but that’s just our opinion.

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  1. vfocused

    October 26, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    SPEAK THAT K. I dont care who YOU think has done you wrong. God knows all and he will have the last word. Tamar says and tweets all the time #wonthedoit! Well yes HE will! I have thought all along that Tamar should be humble not conceited and cocky about her talent and success. Yes Tamar is talented and has been waiting to come out for a long time and be successful, but what does she do BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER, she comes out? She allows all that talent to be overshadowed by BEEF with another TALENTED ARTIST! THAT is whats so so wrong with this picture. I dont care how it started or who started it! When you have two talented r n b singers coming out at the same time. We as fans should be thankful and grateful that we have someone else to listen too. We should be celebrating r n b not celebrating and cheering one against another! I like both but I have to go with K on this tweet cus’ both should be humble and LET GOD HANDLE ALL HATEFULNESS OR BULLYING AS SHE WANTS TO CALL IT! I love K. Michelle cus of TALENT and her REALNESS IN HER MUSIC. K has a different style than Tamar. I love Tamar for her sense of humor on her reality shows, but I must say I have yet to get her album because of all the attitude that I see on every single interview she does. She should already know that media wants to ask about K Michelle so why not stop giving them what they want. Even if some of your fans want to keep it going. Radio , Tv, whatever she comes off fake and conceited, and just pain diva when she has not earned that. Beyonce has sang for years and she still has a humbleness about her, in her interviews. No no one knows how artist are at home in person but that is not my biz. All I want the artist to do is be humble and sing! Perform! Show the world that r n b is something to be proud of not ASHAMED OF!

    I do believe that you reap what you sew! K. has always stated that she is not perfect and that she is a little ratchet , and is REAL. She is very HONEST in her opinions and what she feels. Tamar is also very honest in what she feels. Tamar also has a little ghetto in her too. Tamar seems to have lived a spoiled life being Toni’s sister, singing in the group the Braxtons and getting on record labels and now she is married to a successful person in the industry. Now Tamar that you have your own FINALLY! Where is the Appreciation, gratefulness and humilit? Dont you know that you have had so many opportunities before Love and War came out that so many other artist, (like K) did not? K did not have a 90’s group, she did not have a grammy award winning sister and did not marry well yet. YOU, TAMAR ARE NEAR 37 YRS OLD, WITH A NEWBORN, AND WASTING YOUR VALUABLE TIME ON A BEEF WITH ANOTHER ARTIST! You got fans saying who is better! Are You all rappers now? Tamar can do what she can do but she will never out sang K Michelle. Same gengre but TWO VERY DIFFERENT STYLES SO THEY CANT BE COMPARED. There are some very talented artist but they will not be on the level that they are trying to obtain if they ARE NOT HUMBLE! Im glad K gets that! Keep that positive growth coming! Tamar you are also a work in progress ms thang! Just a tip, if you would stop all the yapping in your personal life and all the wasted energy on stuff that dont matter then maybe YOUR VOICE WILL GET BETTER. I notice on your shows you yell at your family, yell at others you work with (in fun), yell at your dog, —-is there anyone you dont get LOUD WITH! I hope you are not yelling at Logan yet or ever, just saying. lol Seriously saved those vocals and let us hear this magnificent voice you keep bragging about! PLEASE RESPECT YOUR VOICE BEFORE RESPECTING BEEF! Just a thought. By the way I heard 4 of Tamars song on her album and they are ok but not all that! NOW IM BEING VERY HONEST! I know Tamar can blow but I would like to hear only originals from a new artist. To me she is a new artist but just expected more from Toni Braxton’s sister. Maybe I’ll come around on the next one but she got to step it up better this album, sorry. K Michelle wrote all of her songs on her album except I think VSOP but K is original and relatable and will blow the sound off the industry with that opera tone voice she has. Wish both ladies the best – — neither are perfect, both have flaws but who doesnt. Neither HAS NOT TIME OR ENERGY FOR A BEEF! JUST STOP IT! PLEASE! STAY POSITIVE K! ….AND MOST OF ALL HUMBLE!

    • L. Lawrence

      November 4, 2013 at 11:30 AM

      Go home Ta muppet save face and stop making yourself look crazy on stage. John was nice to let you go with him don’t mess it up for him. K. is right what goes around comes around.

      • MamaV

        November 22, 2013 at 8:43 PM

        Get your life because no one on this media donor Know these Women and you all is going by HeSay SheSay and look very close before you call others muppet by looks the one that called the other a muppet taking a survey K favor a muppet more than T. This is called Entertainment and they are doing their Job and by me being a singer also Tamar has one of the versal range from Low to High and Whitney was Right about Tamar about her voice. So enjoy who u like and stop the hate. And vfoused

    • MamaV

      November 22, 2013 at 9:02 PM

      What interviews are u watching sweetheart and really how old r u? K has some good tunes but 80% of her Words (Bad Taste) Like Whitney said it Best Tamar has one of the Versal voices range from Low to High and CAN SSANG!, I ‘m a singer myself and do u know these women or u taking side because of social media? Well sweetie welcome to Entertainment! Untill u know these people maybe u need to be careful on HeSay SheSay and enjoy the show and by the way Tamar Love and War Album is worth the Listen every track and her Christmas Album will put u in the Christmas Mood so don’t let the media keep you from Good Music.

  2. Ninasky Antonioli

    October 27, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    STFU K.hoe you are pathetic. Your a mean girl and a bitter female. No wonder you can’t keep a man. To say let God fight your battle is ludicrous!! The only one I hear wishing ill will here is you.

  3. Father BeyHive

    October 27, 2013 at 4:49 PM

    K.Michelle drag her ass today on The skorpion Show…

  4. vfocused

    October 28, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    Just saw the Skorpion Show Interview today and THIS is s the reason why Tamar needs to just stop it! K DRAGGED HER UP DOWN AND AROUND THE WORLD, but she did it nicely. lol K was nice about it, kinda. lol it could have been worse but….lol How much anyone wants to bet Tamar will respond? PROMISE YOU TAMAR WILL NOT BE QUIET. SHE SHOULD BUT SHE HAS BEEN RUNNING THAT MOUTH SO MUCH THAT SHE IS HAVING TOUBLE WITH HER VOCALS! SHE CANT SHUT UP! Vince tries and wish that he could stop that mouth but he nor his sisters can do it! All K wants to do is sing but Tamar keeps coming for her NAME CALLING AND THROWING SHADE ON TWITTER AND EVEN ON HER REALITY SHOW. See Tamar is sneeky with her shade. Taliking about “who makes a song about their purse?’ That comment was directed toward k. and she sat right next to Vince when she said that. That makes me think that he may be co-signing the Shade, to sell more records and keep her more relevant cus all Vince is concerned about is GETTING COIN! He is a good manager and knows how to make it! Well today K punched Tamar in the face RESPECTFULLY without having to go anywhere near her. They still have not ever met and both are wasting precious time beefing! Glad K explained that she is gonna DEFEND HERSELF when Tamar is bullying her on national tv on Arsenio Hall. Tamar got a SPANKING today and that is what a spoiled child gets when they do wrong and keep doing wrong over and over and wont stop! POW! Tamar is very talented and should only want people to be talking about her album. Instead they will be talking about how she got dragged, lol, and punched lol, on an interview of another artist, just saying. K jumps gates. She is from Memphis and if Tamar keeps it up I would hate to hear about or see her and all that expensive makeup and wigs she purchased with that Gaga, I mean Vincent Herbert money, get “mimi’d, or rasheeda’d” in public! In front of family and friends,lol. Lawd! Toni you need to have a talk with baby sis! Tamar just let this one go. Best to not say anything. You claim you and her or not even in the same converstion so KEEP K OUT OF YOUR CONVERSATION! K keeps it 100 and Tamar is a half of 100 (Skorpion Show lol) Sorry, I had to lol. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE AND K OPENED THE DOOR AND FREED TAMAR TODAY!!!LOL —-K ALL DAY!REBELL AGAINST! didntshedoit! lol

    • stayshappy

      November 30, 2013 at 12:40 PM

      byitch giT ur lyfe! K. ugly ass michelle has always ran her fukN jealous mouff on luV & hip hop so Tamar’s is the one time enuff to bully K….Tamar comes from a mother who studied Opera, a sister who took the world by STORM and 3 other sisters who can sAng they asS off…who da fuk is K michelle but some 2 bit ghetto ‘ho that no man really wants to fuk wiT…(fuks)…(but not fuks wiT)….K can hav seVeroL seatz…she is no where near Tamar’s level…sure Tay may need some tweekN on the vocals but she no match for “Thee Braxton”…as for K comin for Tay in the streets…plz yoO really think she walks around with out security…K michelle ain workN with that kind of coin….giT urrrr lyfe!

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