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Justin Bieber Gets Physical South Korea



Justin Bieber lost his cool this weekend in South Korea, allegedly starting a fight while out at a local nightclub.

After a performance on his Believe Tour, the Biebs went out to celebrate his show. The singer spent a few hours partying to house music and then headed to the DJ booth where DJ Michael Woods was playing.

According to reports, Bieber asked Woods to throw on some Hip-Hop in which he told Bieber to “f*ck off and put some clothes on.” Sources say the two got in an altercation, where Bieber allegedly threw a punch at Wood’s manager.

While it’s unclear what exactly happened, Woods took to Twitter explaining the situation.

“Next time you wanna take a cheap shot at my Tour Manager @justinbieber stick around to follow it thru instead of runnin off like a lil p*ssy,” Woods tweeted. He then followed with..

“Story is @justinbieber + his army of heavy security muscled into the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop…”

“So when I told @justinbieber to f*ck off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a a wall of security”

Bieber has not commented yet on the altercation, but he did enjoy the rest of his night, quickly taking over the DJ booth once Woods finished his set. All that drama for nothing it seems like.

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